Nuturing The Inner Healer

Workshop for Healthcare Professionals

Focused on the major issue of burnout in healthcare professions, we look toward music to reduce stress, foster connection and wellbeing, and expand creativity by having musicians play live throughout the workshop. Incorporating humanities into medical education and training is an emerging field of interest in medicine, and music has an important role in this process.

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Workshop Description

Nurturing the Inner Healer is a workshop of the American Institute for Music and Healing (AIMH) that focuses on providing physicians with unique tools that support them during these times of challenge and change in healthcare. Although, there are systemic and organizational issues that need to be addressed, personal self-growth remains a core component of physician well-being and self-leadership. This innovative workshop is a collaboration between Peter Shannon (Orchestral Conductor) and Jacqueline Huntly MD, MPH (Founder and President of Athasmed, LLC). It harnesses the powerful capacity of music to enhance the objectives and skill building components of the program. Incorporating the humanities into medical education and training is an emerging field of interest in medicine, and music has a singular role to play in this process.

This workshop includes both didactic and experiential components. These tools come from the fields of Music, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Career/Leadership Coaching. Live musicians will play at regular intervals throughout the program, with the music being carefully chosen to mesh with the objectives of each module, providing the participants an opportunity to appreciate the ways in which music can be used as a powerful tool in addressing personal self-care and healing. In addition, music is shown as a way to enhance the inner art of medicine, which includes the skills of mindfulness and presence; empathy and compassion; joy and connection; listening and communication; and inspiration and creativity. Participants will take away an understanding and appreciation of music as a source of inspiration and creativity.

This workshop premiered with The Jackson Symphony Orchestra (Tennessee) in collaboration with Dr. Jacqueline Huntly, and was hosted by Jackson Madison General Hospital in Jackson Tennessee. It has now been adopted into the curriculum for medical students at Mercer University School of Medicine through the Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanities, Georgia, USA.