Healing Through Art & Science

For over a decade, international orchestral conductor Peter Shannon and Dr. Jacqueline Huntly, physician and physician leadership coach, have collaborated to develop Music into a sophisticated, focused tool within the Health Humanities. Their innovative scientifically-grounded programs offer healthcare professionals a unique lens through which to understand their own profession, using professional musicians and the creative force of music to combat burnout and enhance self-care.

Comprehensively, they have also developed programs to train professional musicians to work effectively in a healthcare setting. These unique programs, drawing on the discipline of Mind-Body medicine, offer orchestral musicians an opportunity to engage in a way that can truly affect change in their communities, collaborating with cancer centers, hospitals, and hospices to benefit patients, healthcare staff, and the musicians themselves.

Peter Shannon

Meet Peter Shannon

Peter is a professional orchestral conductor, and has held multiple positions with professional orchestras both in Europe and the United States. Born into a family of doctors and surrounded by siblings all in the healthcare profession, Peter Shannon has always had a strong desire to connect music and medicine. Recognizing the holistic connection between music and healing, Peter has developed and shepherded programs in the US at hospitals, cancer institutes and hospice settings for over ten years. His PhD research on linking the compositions of Franz Schubert to healing and illness, and placing this within the area of the Health Humanities, has received public funding from the Irish Research Council.

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Dr. Jackie Huntly

Meet Dr. Jacqueline Huntly, MD, MPH –Physician and Career/Leadership Development Coach

Throughout her clinical career and now her physician coaching career, Dr. Huntly has explored and innovatively incorporated tools drawn from mind/body medicine, the humanities, positive psychology and leadership coaching into her work. She brings her passion for holistic healing and personal and professional thriving to her collaboration with Peter Shannon as they expand the unique role of music in the healthcare environment.

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How AIMH differs from Music Therapy

AIMH seeks to build resilience in musicians and healthcare professionals through engaging in performance and addressing issues of burnout. Music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. The following is core to AIMH:

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A focus on musicians and healthcare professionals

AIMH programs focus on building a powerful connection between musicians, patients and healthcare professionals.

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Musicians engaging with what they love most…music.

AIMH musicians are versatile and professionally trained, performing a wide range of music on their instruments.

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Serving Healthcare Professionals

AIMH programs like Nurturing the Inner Healer use musicians and live music as a pathway to promote well-being  and self-care in healthcare professionals.