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Group of musicians and healthcare workers

AIMH begins new research program at Curtis and Elisabeth Anderson Cancer Institute.

The American Institute for Music and Healing is excited to begin a new research project in November 2021 at the Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute Savannah, GA, USA.

AIMH director Peter Shannon received IRB approval for his research project, to be run over 12 months, which will track the efficacy of musicians playing for patients receiving chemotherapy at the Infusion area of the Anderson Cancer Institution. “What we have seen in the past is that music offers a ‘portal’ or ‘prism’ for patients to use the music being played for them as a path for compassionate connection to moments, experiences and people in their lives. This research project allows us to document this experience and share our findings with others; to truly add some meat to the bones of the old adage that ‘music is healing’.”

Peter Shannon and Brian Childs

Mercer University School of Medicine announces collaboration with AIMH.

Bioethics is an area of study focusing on the moral and social aspects of medical policy and practice, while medical humanities integrates the humanities, social science and the arts into medical education. This new department combines these two areas of study and is made up of clinicians and educators who are dedicated to training students and health care practitioners in the intricacies of medical and health-related ethics and professionalism, with particular focus on rural health care and medically underserved populations and communities...

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