Experience the Science and Art of Music and Medicine

Music has the power to heal.

The American Institute for Music and Healing is dedicated to exploring and understanding the real potential of what this phrase means.

Why Music and Medicine?
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Music and Medicine Working In Harmony

The American Institute for Music and Healing (AIMH) is a unique series of workshops and training programs, developed by a professional orchestral conductor and a medical doctor to harness the healing effects of music in a compassionate way for patients, musicians and healthcare professionals.

Mission & Vision
Musicians interacting with patients and healthcare workers
Man attending workshop with laptop

The Art of Medicine

AIMH offers programs that harness the powerful capacity of music to reduce stress, foster well-being, enhance leadership and listening skills, and expand creativity in healthcare professionals.

Find Your Inner Healer

Enhancing The Healing Process Through Music

AIMH programs draw on extensive research and experience to train musicians to use their talents effectively in a healthcare environment.

Use Your Inner Gift
Female and male violinists playing music in healthcare setting

Hear it from the professionals

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Jonathan Salk

Jonathan Salk, MD

Co-author and son of Jonas Salk

Paul Gilbert

Prof. Paul Gilbert, PhD, OBE


Brian Childs

Prof. Brian Childs, PhD

Mercer University School of Medicine, Chair Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Merel Visse

Prof. Merel Visse, PhD

Director, Medical & Health Humanities, Drew University

Guy Petruzzelli

Guy Petruzzelli, MD, PhD

Physician in Chief, Anderson Cancer Institute, Savannah GA

Katie Chandler

Katie Chandler

Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, Dir. of Guest Resources